More fun with “Boxie the Creepster”

After making “Boxie the Creepster” (a robotic box-thing) functional, here’s another “test” that I put it through.  No dogs or robotic boxes were hurt during the making of this video:

Evie, our resident test-dog, was joined by Dunkin for an outside opinion of “Boxie the Creepster.”  Neither was particularly fond of “Boxie”, but they were both happy to eventually get a treat.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

evie vs boxie vs dunkin [ad#Google Adsense-square 250×250]

For more information about this “incredible” ‘bot, check out how it’s ping-pong ball eyes were made!

  1. awe- evie, dunkin, and boxie are so cute!

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