The Dremel 200 Rotary Tool Unboxing and Review

Dremel 200 in box still

Dremel 200 in box

About a month ago I bought a Dremel 200 Rotary tool. If you’re wondering what is inside the box for one of these, I’ve included a few pictures below.

It’s not a bad tool for around $50 and comes with an attachment that could be used with simple router tasks as well as grinding bits, cutoff wheels, a tiny mill, and polishing pads. This tool definitely has it’s limits, but for intricate work it’s been very helpful.



Here’s what’s in the Box:

dremel 200 tool by itself

The Dremel 200 by itself


Accessories with Dremel 200

Accessories that come with the Dremel 200

Also various instruction manuals and such…

bottom access hole for "Boxie the Creepster"

Bottom access hole for "Boxie the Creepster"

So far, it’s been really helpful in modifying a strike plate in our house as well as some work for “Boxie the Creepster.” It will do some light routing work as seen to the right, but for anything heavy you’d probably be better off with something else.  When I cut the access hole to the right, the tool seemed to get very hot and the “router” attachment came loose a couple of times.

Despite it’s limits, I still think this is a great tool -need to try some engraving with it.  Dremel makes larger versions of this tool as well as a little router table, so there are options depending on what you want to do.  Also, I think there’s a cordless version if that suits you best.  Limits aside, I’ve been using this little 200 router for quite a while as the spindle on my Zen Toolworks CNC router, so be sure to check that out for a great use of this tool!

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