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More fun with “Boxie the Creepster”

After making “Boxie the Creepster” (a robotic box-thing) functional, here’s another “test” that I put it through.  No dogs or robotic boxes were hurt during the making of this video:

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Ping Pong Ball Eyes for “Boxie the Creepster”

As part of “the creepy box” project, which I’ve now decided to call “Boxie the Creepster”, I needed to control a couple LED lights with a RC helicopter remote control. These lights would go inside a ping-pong ball and form light-up “eyes” of some kind.  These LEDs did a good job of evenly lighting the ping-pong balls for a creepy effect.  Additionally, I made the eyes move back and forth.  I’ll go over that as well.  Here’s a video of “Boxie” in action with eyes that are able to change color:

The helicopter controller that I had available had four channels, two of which controlled servos, two controlled “normal” DC motors.  I used one of the servos to move the eyes and both of the Motor outputs to control the color of the eyes.  Originally I was thinking about using one of the motors to actually spin the box around, but that’s on the back burner for now.

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The Creepy Glowing Remote Control Box or “Boxie the Creepster”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 45 second video should be worth approximately 1,080,000 words.  This video should be a good introduction:

After struggling with what to do with poorly adjusted RC helicopter that had sat in my closet in the guest bedroom for over a year, this was the best idea that I came up with so far.  This project really combined several concepts that I used in some other posts such as how easy small wooden boxes, like the one I used in the “even more useless machine” are to come across, and how a RC car can apparently be recycled for just about anything.  Using servos remotely and controlling LEDs with the motor output from a helicopter was new for me, so I’m pretty happy with the results.

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I really like this photo of the partially disassembled box, and as it says, you should visit JCOPRO.NET.

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