The Miniature Bolt-Action Pneumatic Potato Gun: Part 3 – Putting Everything Together

So I’ve gone over the mechanical design of the bolt mechanism as well as the pneumatics involved.  However, I didn’t really go over putting everything together.  This device was actually constructed a few years ago and sat around in my garage since then.  It’s been a very popular post so far, so I’m glad I dug it up.

mini pneumatic potato cannon being assembledBefore recently, all the components just sat around together and were fired that way.  To make it really work, I needed some sort of stock to hold everything together.  After some thought, I used a 9 inch piece of 2 x 4 drilled out with hole saws to accommodate the different sizes of pipe.  I also cut a hole in the side to allow for better gripping.

Besides the grip hole, there are two “functional” holes.  One is a single hole just larger than the 2″ PVC air reservoir.  I had to use some tape to make the pipe larger as I couldn’t find a good fit with my hole saw.  The other hole is actually two holes cut side-by-side for the 1″ pVC parts.  They’re close enough that they break through and actually sit on each other.

set screws in woodTo secure everything, I used some wood screws as set screws.  I didn’t tighten down that much and used so as not to weaken the PVC at that point.  I used tape to get one of the chambers a little tighter, and from a not-penetrating the PVC standpoint, probably should have used it on all of them.  If the screws are tightened too much, it could be a danger.  Be very cautious with this.

All that being said,  PVC isn’t rated for air pressure, so it’s potentially dangerous.  If you’re going to do anything like this (not that I recommend it), at least use some PPE, or personal protective equipment like safety glasses, gloves, etc.

Be sure to check out how the bolt assembly is made, and how the pneumatics work.

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