Limpy the robot

“Limpy” is a “robot” that I came up with the other night.  I hate to even call it a robot, more of a remote-control abomination.  It’s what happens when one arbitrarily combines a remote control from a cheap toy, two Glade automatic air fresheners, and a pencil.  This little beastie took very little time and pretty basic tools to make, so it would probably be a good beginner project.  I think the only tools that you would really need are: a soldering iron, a set of screwdrivers, and a drill or drill-press.future robot body

I have taken apart both the air freshener, and the remote control device required in previous posts, so check those out if you want to build this.  One thing that I thought was cool about this little “robot”, was that it actually used part of the plastic air freshener housing as the robot’s body.  It always seemed a shame to buy these just for the internals and throw the rest away.

motors with pencilI drilled 9/64 inch pilot holes in both sides of the housing and mounted the air freshener assembly, minus the timer electronics, on either side.  I was intending to use two holes for each, but a wood screw held everything together without any problem.  After this, I cut a broken pencil in half and drilled another 9/64 inch hole through each half towards the top.  I then pressed each into either motor’s gearing assembly and super-glued them in place as shown to the right.

Limpy side viewOnce this brilliant, and extremely sturdy, mechanical assembly was done, I added the remote control and battery pack in a similarly elegant fashion. This was accomplished by laying it in the chassis and taping it down with electrical tape. Each motor output from the remote control was wired to each “leg” motor.  Both outputs were originally designed to run 3 VDC motors, so there didn’t seem to be any problem controlling the new motors.  This setup gave independent control of each motor to each axis on the remote control joysticks, allowing for independent limping around on both legs.

limpy and rc

Not the most useful robot in the world, but an easy project to try.  For another interesting project involving an air freshener motor, check out this radial engine model that I made!

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