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How to Remote Control your Camera with $20 in Parts

rc camera on tripod on groundIf you’d like to remotely trigger your point-and-shoot camera, but don’t want to spend much money, this hack is for you.  This hack should help you take all the remote photos that you would like (as long as you are in range of the remote control).  As with all hacks listed on jcopro,  please use this new found power only for good!

What you will need to construct this device is Read more »

RC “SUV” Teardown (Cheap RC Controls and DC Motors!)

Cheap SUV from Wall Mart

I'm not sure why Land Rover decided to put their name on this device...

As with an automatic air freshener, some products just scream to be hacked.  After thinking about some remote control projects, a quick trip to Wall Mart yielded this RC car (or SUV if you want to call it that) for only $10.  The brand name and model is either “New Bright”, “Pro Dirt”, “Land Rover”, “LR2”, or some combination of these names, but you can find it or something similar in the toy aisle of Wall Mart and probably K Mart, Target or wherever you shop.  If you think you’re too old for the toy aisle, just tell yourself and anyone that asks that you’re shopping for your nephew or other relative.  The car boasts of having “Full Function Radio Control.”  After trying it out, this seems to mean that you can go forwards, backwards, left, and right at full speed (and only full speed).  Not a bad deal for the price.  I tried it out briefly, but as seen in the video at the end, Read more »

Bluehost Migration

If you’ve read my blog a lot (unlikely) you’ll probably notice things have changed a bit and everything possibly looks a little strange.  Up until now everything has been hosted by and now I’m hosting with (actually paying someone to host it).  Although the transition has been pretty easy – so far-, there are certainly some kinks to work out.  Please be patient if there are any issues – hopefully this site will be better than ever using a account.

Update 10/12/2011: This blog has apparently become a bit more popular, topping 90k pageviews!  Thanks for reading!

If you want to see the old site for some reason, it’s  Seriously though, migration has been a breeze and Bluehost seems to have some great support!

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