Stop Motion Animation with Post-it notes

[ad#Google Adsense-text leaderboard wide not home]The process that I used to make this video is explained pretty well in this post (with other videos) .  Here’s another video that I made using stop motion animation:

Using post it notes came from seeing something like this on youtube – a quick search reveals that as of today there are over 5,120 videos having something to do with “post it stop motion” on that site.  Apparently my version isn’t that original.  Either way, this was pretty easy as everything “stuck in place,” so I may try something more elaborate soon.

I slowed everything down to 5 frames per second rather than my “usual” 10 fps as it was a little short at full speed.  Really, it should be more like 24 frames per second as this is what the eye can see, but as things are a bit blocky anyway with post-it notes.

flower or something made with post-it notes


  1. Over five-thousand videos and I’ve never seen anything at all like it… Fantastic! I love this! 😀

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