ENV2 Camera Phone TRIPOD mount

The ENV2 tripod in all it's glory

The ENV2 tripod in all it’s glory. The “holder” is a 2×4 with a 1/2 inch slot milled in it.

As discussed in this post, I recently made some custom mounting hardware for my phone.  Although a wooden block seemed sufficient at the time, I’ve been trying out some stop-motion techniques and purchased a tripod.  Making my ENV2 mount compatible was a simple matter of drilling and tapping the bottom of the wood for a 1/4 – 20 screw.  Most tripods accept this screw and mine was no exception.

Making the ENV2 mount "tripod compatible" by tapping for a 1/4 - 20 screw.

Making the ENV2 mount “tripod compatible” by tapping for a 1/4 – 20 screw.

I really don’t intend to use this tripod – a 42 inch Targus Universal Travel Tripod that I got from Walmart- with my ENV2 as I do have an actual digital camera (a Casio Exilim that’s about five years old).  However, as with the original mount, it was a very easy project.

Although I can’t be certain, it is my belief that I now have, in my possession, the single most advanced piece of mounting hardware designed for taking pictures with the ENV2 phone.  I just hope that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  Be sure to check out some stop motion videos that I’ve made with this equipment (and later some more advanced cameras).


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