Draftsight has Expired/Is not licensed? How to fix it.

Today I booted up Draftsight to open a .dxf file, but it was not usable.  The following message came up:

Drafsight - "this product is not licensed or has expired"Fortunately I had a model I could use in ProE, but not having Draftsight would be a bit inconvenient.  Long story short to fix this, I uninstalled Draftsight, re-downloaded the program from Dassault’s website and reinstalled it.  It then worked without me even having to register again.  I’m assuming this is the fix for this, so if that’s all you care about try it and hopefully it will work.

draftsight beta 2

.dxf file opened after the update

If you care about the details, I tried to uninstall from the control panel (Windows) and reinstall from the file I still had saved from the first time I installed Draftsight.  This did not work and gave me the same message.  I then tried downloading it again and noticed that it was labeled as “betaII” and was around 1.5 MB larger than the original file.  It then wanted me to update a database, to which I said no originally.  Draftsight seemed to work fine, although I updated later which seemed to not be a problem either.

With a beta version, the software is obviously not done, so I guess this is to be expected.  It wasn’t a problem for me to figure it out, but it would have been nice to get some sort of hint as to how to get it working again.  But for free it’s still pretty good.  Check out my review of Draftsight (done before this incident)

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  2. I uninstalled and installed again (without downloading) same error is being repeated

  3. Hi,

    Deleting a Key (SWActivation) from the windows register fix the issue.

    visit this page for detailed procedure : https://gupta9665.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/fix-your-draftsight-activation-problem/


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