My projects

This site is about my projects.  I’m not encouraging anyone to copy them and can’t vouch for the safety of my methods.

Feel free to read and enjoy.  I’m new to wordpress, so apparently you can comment and harass me if you want.  It won’t hurt my feelings too much.


  1. This looks pretty fly b/c it’s hot.

    Does it function in a way that meets the electrical standards compliance?

    Will it interfere with my rabbit ears antenna assembly?

    • Mix Master Mike, what you got to say?

      The hot/fly construction of this machine’s exterior should provide some minimal damping against any EMF interference, but as it’s not registered with the UN governing body, ANSI, or NIST who can know for sure? Maybe I should construct a Faraday cage around it to protect from EMP pulses.

      As of now rabbit ears are untested, but the device has no negative effects on a square RCA HD antenna.