JCOPRO.NET T-Shirt Offer!

jcopro.net t-shirt version 1.0

The jcopro.net T-shirt is now available for free!*  Simply print out the reverse of the image seen above on your color printer or mimeograph machine using T-shirt transfer paper (such as this one).  Iron on to the shirt of your choice and you’re done!  Or you can always simply tape the non-reversed image to the front of your shirt, if you don’t yet have any transfer paper!

Version 1.0 is now shown.  Designs will be updated periodically and may never be seen again…  Download your 1.0 shirt before it is too late!

Let me know in the comments if I should change this shirt or if you would actually like one made.  For another method of DIY shirt printing, check out my bleach Tiger Paw T-shirt!

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