Gas Savings Ideas!

So, are you tired of paying $4 + per gallon at the pump???  After the Gulf oil spill a year ago, it seems like the “drill now” idea has lost some steam. Hopefully these tips can help you keep more of your hard earned cash and pay less at the pump!

TIP # 1

Park on top of a hill!  This works great for places like San Francisco, Colorado, or Afganastan.  Just park at the top of a hill and you can simply coast to work the next morning!

Wow, that will save lots of gas in the morning!

Wow, that will save lots of gas in the morning!

Tip # 2

Put a propeller on your car.  Although it may look stupid to some, when hooked into a generator, you can produce electricity for your hybrid engine.  Although people may think your car looks stupid, you’ll be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

Your car will be moving anyway, so why not simply hook a turbine up to it and take advantage of the natural currents?

van with propeller attached

You'll be laughing all the way to the bank!

Tip # 3

Nuclear power.  Sure, plug-in hybrids are cute how they access the power grid that is partially fueled by nuclear power, but we know you need some real power.  Nuclear sub type power.  Well look no further than the Ford Nucleon.  Sure, it was only a concept car – in 1958, but the time may be right to introduce it into mass production!  Comment on this article to petition Ford to finally finish this design!

Ford Nucleon, isn't it about time?
Ford Nucleon, isn’t it about time?

Tip # 4

Turn water into gasoline using your own secret process!  Many small towns are home to those that know the secret to doing this, however, the government will not let them divulge it and/or they destroyed their machine and discredited their work.  Some are actually able to run an engine on pure water!  Find one of these people and learn their secrets.  You’ll be set for life.


water to gas conversion process

That's all there is to it!

I hope this helps.  Feel free to express your gratitude in the comments when you’re no longer paying royalties to Hugo Chavez and OPEC.


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