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Wireless MAME part 3 – Electrical Design and Construction

Hopefully you found the discussion about the mechanical design of my MAME setup informative, but the thing that – for better or worse – sets this apart from most of the others on the internet is the fact that it uses a wireless keyboard for control.  One could probably use a wireless game controller (or possibly two)  with similar or better results.

wireless keyboard and mouse Microsoft Model: 1014 keyboard and 1028 receiver

wireless keyboard and receiver (before) ===>

finished Wireless MAME controller

Finished Product (after)








The first thing to consider when using a wireless keyboard (or wired keyboard for that matter) for this purpose Read more »

Remote Control Conservation of Angular Momentum Device

remote control angular momentum deviceSo, yes, that’s quite a title.  As mentioned in a previous article, the cheap RC truck is a great source of components for whatever hack or re-purposing you have in mind.

The first thing I tried with this set of components was a very simple hack.  I don’t remember all the details, but at some point in my education as a mechanical engineer I learned about conservation of angular momentum.  In two dimensions, it’s pretty simple; if something is rotating, angular momentum Read more »

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