OMNI Robot “Perfected”

Months ago I started working on an Omni robot—actually you can work on an adapter for the original wheels over 6 months ago at around 4:40 in this video—and like most projects it took longer than I expected to get it functional. This is shown in the first video in the series, where I do the bulk of development work in order to get it to a point where it looks like it should work.

From there, it took another month or two of hacking to actually get it close to the place I wanted, rolling around in the X/Y plane, along with turning at will. I also added a couple eyes/lights, a camera mount, and an adjustment knob to modify the speed. As seen below, it’s an entertaining journey, and the results are quite good this time:

Clemson Tiger Mascot Model Produces Excellent Time Lapse

While a bit different than my typical videos, I had a lot of fun assembling this little guy, and the dual-camera time lapse results are IMHO really great. Also, I love how the thumbnail turned out – I’ll have to remember that for future builds! So check it out in glorious 2-camera time lapse below:

Incidentally, if you want your own, they can be had on Amazon [affiliate] for around $30 as of this writing

Harbor Freight Storage Case Enhancement with Labels and 3D-Printing

If you need a divided plastic case for small parts, those sold by Harbor freight are a really good option. On the other hand, they don’t sell the small subdivides inside by themselves as far as I know. If you need even smaller dividers, then you’re out of luck… or were out of luck.

In this video, I outline how to print new storage containers, as well as labeling and organization using this handy tool [Amazon affiliate]. The new dividers are designed by Tinic Uro, and can be found on Thingiverse here. You might also want to check out my previous video posted below about a very easy way to make shelves for these cases, rather than stacking them on top of each other:

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