The ClearWalker Comes to Life (Part 3)

If you’ve been following along here, or on YouTube, you’ve certainly noticed that I’ve been working (yet another) Strandbeest. This time, I decided to go with clear polycarbonate, lights, and Bluetooth control. The results, thanks in a large part to excellent film work by PJ Accetturo, are nothing short of spectacular, as seen in the video below:

This has been my biggest undertaking to date, and, though the body was generously cut out by Cook Manufacturing Group, actually assembling the ClearWalker and figuring out the various mechanical difficulties I hadn’t thought of, as well as the electronics, took quite a bit of work. Still, I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Also, a big thanks to ServoCity, which generously provided many of the control components. You can see more about the control scheme, and how to control a ClearWalker/Strandbeest/tank this way in this Instructables article.

And finally, thanks to all of you that have checked out this project, or even provided encouragement along the way. Though this project is “done” for now, as with any project like this, I do have a few more ideas on improvements, other uses. Be sure to check back here, or even subscribe on YouTube to see what other crazy project I come up with next!

Clear Polycarbonate Strandbeest (Part 2) – Now Walking!

If you’ve been following along here or on YouTube, you know I’ve been working on a new strandbeest out of clear polycarbonate. Considering this device was CNC-cut, one would think it would just bolt together and work, but as seen in the video below, it was much more work than that.

For now I’m calling it “ClearWalker,” since I live in the vicinity of Clearwater, Florida, though I keep debating as to whether or not that’s slightly too cheesy. After I asked here and on social media for name suggestions, people came up with some really clever ideas. Thanks for your suggestions, and I’d love to know which you think is best:

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So without further ado, here is the video of the ‘beest walking:

As seen toward the end of the video, though nominally walking, it’s not quite done. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some lights, extra moving appendages, perhaps a camera, and show how I got it to function via Bluetooth/Arduino Mega control!

A Miniature GoPro Catapult-Style “Tripod”

After building a “catapult style” floor lamp, and publishing a howto article on it here, I soon adapted the design to hold a GoPro camera instead of a light. Instead of a bulb assembly, I put a piece of metal that a magnetic GoPro mount could hold on to, which has worked quite well for filming around my garage.

The disadvantage of this device, which stands as tall as a person when fully extended vertically, is that it doesn’t work well in restricted spaces like a workbench. For this I came up with a much smaller version outlined in the video seen below.

The little guy uses several pieces of furring strips that I had left over from another project. I cut each length to around 9″ to begin with, then made the bottom sections a bit shorter so the top could Read more »