Fresh CNC Router Setup with Windows 10, Mach 3, and USB to Parallel Adapter

If you’ve been following my work, you’re seen me go from a very small CNC router to a more reasonable sized 3′ x 2′ model from Romaxx. Up until now I’ve stuck with older PCs for control, great because they can be purchased very cheaply, and contain the all-important parallel port. These ports have been ancient technology for quite some time, and after my PC started restarting every time I opened Mach3, it seemed time for an upgrade. What I went with was the following:

If you check out those links, one thing you’ll likely notice is that the USB to Parallel port is close to the same price as the PC itself at around $100. The thing here is that while its billed as a USB to parallel port converter, it’s actually a machine controller. I’m not sure of the details of how it runs, but after installing its companion software, it is actually able to run your CNC router via USB, a job a normal converter just can’t pull off.

As for the PC itself, I’ve been impressed with it so far. Seems to do the job, and compared to the very old device it was replacing it’s a huge upgrade. Hopefully it’ll function well for years to come, and it’s so small it can fit on the back of my monitor. Also, it includes a VGA port, which is nice as the monitor I have there doesn’t have an HDMI connector


Once I tool the leap to buy this new hardware, there was the matter of getting my control software up to speed, including the new parallel port adapter. Mach3 loaded up with no problem, and Read more »

3D-Printed Spray Paint Stencil with Raised Connectors

If you want to mark things over and over again what’s better than a stencil? Very little, except for the pesky problem of how to connect otherwise isolated sections to the rest of your drawing. In this video I go over how to make a logo stencil using a 3D-printer to construct raised connectors so the paint goes right underneath.

Spray paint was what I intended this build for, and it works well for that. I also tried it with bleach and a polo shirt, which works out quite poorly. The demo/destruction starts around 3:20 but don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m just glad it wasn’t a new shirt!

Rocket Launcher Strandbeest Shoots Fireworks via Remote Control

If you missed it when I first put this rocket launching Strandbeest, check out the video below. Of course, I don’t actually recommend you build this device, but it’s fun to watch nonetheless:

Apologies for posting this late – looks like I had it saved as a draft. You can also follow my videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel here!