Pelican Case for my tiny Hubsan Quadcopter

pelican case quadcopter

Trying to figure out how to position my little quadcopter in a Pelican case

As much as I love my little Hubsan X4 quadcopter, I didn’t have a good place to store it.  A small cardboard box works fine, but looks kind of dull.  What I really needed was some sort of custom case for it.

Fortunately, Pelican makes a case that fits it nicely, the 1400 model (Amazon).  The build quality is excellent, and it’s made with inserts that can be “plucked” out to customize the fit.  The only problem is that the case costs around $70.  For something that costs just over $35 (Amazon), this seems a little silly.
Regardless, this case keeps things much more organized, and after crashing about 1000+ times, I’ve spent way more than $35 on this quadcopter.*  It was fun to customize everything, and I’ve showed the process in a slideshow after the “read more.” Read more »

Attach Sandpaper to a Dremel Tool

dremel-sandpaperIn preparation for a big project I’ll hopefully be able to post on later, I needed a way to deburr and take out a small amount of material from the inside of a wood hole.  My first idea was to use a Dremel Tool (around $50 on Amazon) with sandpaper loosely attached.

I needed to actually widen the hole, so it didn’t work that well for this purpose.  On the other hand, if one simply needed to deburr a hole, I think this could work quite well.

How to do this (and the results) are illustrated in the video after the “read more” link.  Basically, it was Read more »

SC Maker Faire 2014 Results

As alluded to before, I showed off my MountainBeest at the Maker Faire in Columbia, SC.  Here’s a video of the results:

It was fun, and I had a good time at the event.  I tried to conserve battery in the morning, but the legs were functional the whole time.  Along with this, I’m happy that nothing shook loose or jammed “catastrophically.”  My GoPro ran out of juice after a few hours, but that’s not too bad since it was transferring video over WiFi.


The components I used from Servocity performed quite well, including the 6 RPM gearmotors that powered each set of legs, the PWM relay to allow them to be controlled, and the servo pan-tilt device that my GoPro was mounted on.  Thanks to them for their sponsorship, helping me to build this ‘Beest without breaking the bank too badly.

I was happy to meet everyone there, and thanks especially to Jay for setting up the event.  For a little broader look at the cool events there, check out my article on Make’s blog about this, or there’s a huge set of photos available here.