Live at Maker Faire Orlando November 10th-11th

A few of the items that will be on display

This Saturday and Sunday (Nov 10th, 11th 2018), I’ll be displaying at the Orlando Maker Faire at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. I’ll have several old favorites there, including the Strandmaus that I just tested and found that it still does walk quite well. Addtionally, you may notice the ‘bot below from it’s rocket launching video or even its recent feature in Hackspace Magazine issue #10.

For better or worse I don’t plan to power it up or launch rockets out of its tubes there, but it’s less likely that you recognize the disk-shaped robot thing its riding on. I plan to have it powered up in a demo mode for the show, and hopefully will be putting a video out about it Tuesday. So be sure to stop by, and if you can’t make it and are just curious about what looks like a WWII-era Roomba, check out and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Oh, and I’ll have stickers and buttons available for $0 for as long as they last, or you can buy 2 stickers from Tindie for $2.00 here.

3D-Printed Low Profile Screwdriver Bit Holder

If you’ve ever had a situation where you just couldn’t get your screwdriver into a restricted space, then here’s a interesting solution, a 3D-printed low profile bit driver. Certainly not perfect for every situation, but great for getting into tight spaces, especially if you don’t have, say a ball nose driver around!

The print file can be found here, and the magnets used are 6mm x 1mm. Also the bits are from Wiha, and normally fit 785 01 drivers.

Sound Reactive “Hello Light”

I posted this video a while ago, so appologies for not placing it on my blog sooner. Anyway, you may enjoy seeing how I made a beautiful RGBW light cylinder using polycarbonate, plywood, and Arduino Nano, along with an electret microphone to listen to ambient noise.

Code is available on GitHub.