Unboxing and Use of My First 3D Printer [MP Select Mini]

I’d been putting off getting a 3D printer for several years, but finally decided to take the plunge with the MP Select Mini (Amazon) that you can get for around $200. As my first printer, I can’t say if it’s better or worse than others, but I’ve been extremely impressed with the results. After a little bit of tweaking the settings and quite a bit of wait time your item pops out. Check out my full explanation in the video below:

Easy Storage Solution for Plastic Parts Cases

If you have any amount of electronics components, bolts and nuts, or other small parts lying around, eventually you’ll need a place to store everything. I really like these storage cases from Harbor Freight, but once you get enough of them, you’ll notice that you then need a place to store the cases themselves. It’s an interesting conundrum, which I solve in the video below by cutting up some 2x4s and leftover wood that measured 3/4″ x 1 1/2.”

You may note that there are some other storage cases here of unknown origin. This method takes care of that too, and really could be used to store any sort of small parts. One suggestion someone made on the video was that there should be a back to avoid the possibility of them sliding out the back. Seems like a good idea, as it’s something that does happen to me occasionally.

Strandbeest Kit Remote Controlled with Stepper Motors

If you’ve ever wanted to build a remote controlled Strandbeest, but didn’t want to figure out how to actually make the linkages and other issues that I’ve been dealing with, here’s how to make your own from a cheap kit available on Amazon or other online retailers:

I’m especially happy with how the preview image turned out, seems to have drawn some interest so far! If you’d like to see what else I’ve been working on (or the many previous ‘beest interations), be sure to check out my YouTube channel!