How to Dissasemble a Broken Watch with Cheap Tools


Did I fix it or just break it more?

After dropping and breaking my watch for what seems like the 100th time (though it’s probably only been five), I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix it myself.  The markers that indicate what hour it is were coming off every time it was jostled, and, although my wife would take it to get fixed for my birthday or Christmas or what have you, I was informed that it was becoming quite expensive, and that possibly I should just get a new watch.

This seemed to be the best option, but not wanting to miss a chance to expand my skills, I decided to try to fix it myself.  Besides, despite it’s fragility, I really liked that watch, and it was a gift, so there was some sentimental value as well.  So after buying this cheap watch repair kit from Amazon, I was ready for action…

The back came off relatively easy, but removing the crown/stem (as I now know the winder thingy is called) can be quite difficult.  Fortunately, the video after the “read more” at least gave me a place to start, and after poking around for a bit it came out. Read more »

Burning a Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Control Board


Hubsan motor replacement fail

Here’s a little PSA for those of you that fly crash your quadcopter a lot.  When soldering a new motor on, don’t burn the leads.  Apparently I left my soldering iron on the control board for too long, but the good thing is that I had a board from another ‘copter that was quickly used for parts.

Although the board is not included, I would definitely recommend a “crash pack” spare parts kit (Amazon) or, barring that, a new ‘quad is less than $40 from Amazon as of this writing.  If you don’t like to do any soldering, that might be a viable option.

The patient is prepped for surgery

The patient is prepped for surgery

Pelican Case for my tiny Hubsan Quadcopter

pelican case quadcopter

Trying to figure out how to position my little quadcopter in a Pelican case

As much as I love my little Hubsan X4 quadcopter, I didn’t have a good place to store it.  A small cardboard box works fine, but looks kind of dull.  What I really needed was some sort of custom case for it.

Fortunately, Pelican makes a case that fits it nicely, the 1400 model (Amazon).  The build quality is excellent, and it’s made with inserts that can be “plucked” out to customize the fit.  The only problem is that the case costs around $70.  For something that costs just over $35 (Amazon), this seems a little silly.
Regardless, this case keeps things much more organized, and after crashing about 1000+ times, I’ve spent way more than $35 on this quadcopter.*  It was fun to customize everything, and I’ve showed the process in a slideshow after the “read more.” Read more »