SOLID Table Design Uses Glue and Hidden Screws

If you’ve ever wanted to build a very solid table/desk out of framing lumber, check out the build in the video below. It was built fairly small out of 2×3 lumber for my son, but could be expanded as needed to meet your needs. Notably, it includes wood screws obscured by custom blanks, but that’s mostly optional.

OMNI Robot “Perfected”

Months ago I started working on an Omni robot—actually you can work on an adapter for the original wheels over 6 months ago at around 4:40 in this video—and like most projects it took longer than I expected to get it functional. This is shown in the first video in the series, where I do the bulk of development work in order to get it to a point where it looks like it should work.

From there, it took another month or two of hacking to actually get it close to the place I wanted, rolling around in the X/Y plane, along with turning at will. I also added a couple eyes/lights, a camera mount, and an adjustment knob to modify the speed. As seen below, it’s an entertaining journey, and the results are quite good this time:

Clemson Tiger Mascot Model Produces Excellent Time Lapse

While a bit different than my typical videos, I had a lot of fun assembling this little guy, and the dual-camera time lapse results are IMHO really great. Also, I love how the thumbnail turned out – I’ll have to remember that for future builds! So check it out in glorious 2-camera time lapse below:

Incidentally, if you want your own, they can be had on Amazon [affiliate] for around $30 as of this writing