New Twin Bed with 2x4s and Machine Screws!

Normally, the projects that I show off here are entertaining, but perhaps not practical in the normal sense of the word. This project, however, is something that my son needed, and ended up being pretty inexpensive. I think it cost under $100 to build, including rather expensive bolts/inserts that I used to attach the headboard/footboard to the middle. The results are quite sturdy, and will hopefully last until he potentially grows out of it. At least that’s what happened with my bed growing up!

One thing that is unusual about this bed is that I engraved the headboard, including a few robot figures that I came up with and drew up in CAD. You can see the engraving at 3:00 in the video below, and later in the video I mark them with a paint pen and sand off the excess. Overall, I’m quite happy with the results:

ClearWalker Walks Again with New Upgrades!

I was recently contacted by a show called the Daily Planet on Discovery Canada about showing off my ClearWalker Strandbeest. Naturally, I was thrilled, but had to: #1 make sure it could still walk, and #2 upgrade something so that they could have a good story about improving the design.

Of course I had several improvements I’d been considering, but had pretty much put this ‘Beest to the side for the time being. Fortunately, the prospect of being on TV provided the motivation I needed to put this into practice. While the Daily Planet spot was excellent, they only show a tiny bit of what went into the upgrade process. Check out the full story in the video seen here:

While I thought I would give this particular type of mechanism a rest after getting it to walk in part 3, it’s obviously hard to tell when a project is actually done. While I will probably move on to a few other projects for a while, new strandbeest designs still float around in my head on occasion. Also, I’ve got a couple of the cheap plastic kits to assemble and/or modify, so I will hopefully get to that eventually!

Assembling a Nixie Tube Clock Kit

If you’ve seen Nixie tubes on videos (or in the GIF above) they look incredible in video, and should be even more interesting in person. After receiving one of these clocks as a Christmas gift, I decided to document the assembly process, partially because the video of it in action just looked so cool!

On the other hand, most of the stuff I make is a unique creation of my own, so hopefully my subscribers will enjoy the build nonetheless. I did modify it to hang on the wall at the end of the video, so there is that.

Also, I should note that I do write blog articles for Tindie, but was not asked or paid to promote this product. I just really love how it looks! Also, I filmed everything in 4K and cut it down as needed, rather than the 1080P I’d been filming at before. Hopefully you notice the difference.