Hank Drum Tuned to D Minor Pentatonic Scale

P1020697aIn early 2013 I made something called a “Hank Drum,” a sort cheap derivative of the Hang. I’m happy to note that reader Gary Van Arkel decided to not only build one of these drums based on my plans, but tuned it to a D Minor Pentatonic Scale, and shared the dimensions via a comment. After a short email exchange, he even provided me with pictures, including the sticks he uses, made with 1 3/8″ rubber balls on 5/16″ dowels. So wtithout further ado, here are the dimensions:

D Minor Pentatonic Scale Tongue dimensions:

  • 1 D3 147 2″ 10cm
  • 2 F3 175 2″ 9cm
  • 3 G3 196 2″ 8.5cm
  • 4 A3 220 2″ 8cm
  • 5 C4 262 1.5″ 7.5cm
  • 6 D4 294 1.5″ 7cm
  • 7 F4 349 1.5″ 6.5cm
  • 8 A4 440 1.5″ 5.5cm

More Build Details:

  • Cylinder used was Australian 4.5Kg gas cylinder.
  • Reduced inner circle circumference to 3.5″ and outer circle circumference to 5.5.″
  • Used Masking tape to mark the larger 2″ tongues, and a 1.5″ width business card to mark the smaller tongues.
  • Started cuts to 1/8″ holes with .89mm cutting disc which fitted my Ryobi angle grinder.
  • Extended cuts with jigsaw and tuned with hand hacksaw blade.
  • Tuned to my Tablet from an app named Best Tuner.

Reducing the circumferences seems like one of the most important notes here, as this may help spacing when being played. It should also allow for deeper notes without cutting the sides too much. Just remember, as in the first Hank Drum post, be sure use an empty and never-filled tank!

Thanks Gary!

A Bicycle Cup Holder Designed with Onshape

IMG_4572-cropAfter doing a short writeup on another publication for this 3D CAD program, I’d been looking for an excuse to do a full design with it. I’ve used Pro Engineer professionally, and have dabbled with a few other CADpackages. Though familiar, with a new CAD program you have to kind of learn where all the buttons are.

After trying it out for a few hours, the design came out well, and, it was great to see my design appear in real life out of my CNC machine. Check out the video below to see my process:

Unlike what those that aren’t familiar with CNC tools may believe, Read more »

More StrandMaus Footage

StrandMausAfter my first video attempt, I decided to make another clip, this time featuring the external camera more prominently than the FPV GoPro footage. FPV footage is from my Hero4Session – now known just as “HeroSession” – Amazon.

The results, as previewed in a little GIF above, I think are much better. In the FPV portion, I featured a view of the front legs/linkages prominently, as I think this is the most interesting part of the design, that and the actual camera turret setup. Check out the whole video below!

You can see the original video, as well as a little more information in this post.